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1.    Introduction

1.1 Taking control of blood sugar

1.2 My lifestyle and fitness profile : not really a couch potato


2.    Intermittent Fasting and the 5:2 Diet

2.1 The 5:2 Fast Diet in practice

2.2 The Mediterranean diet for “Feast” days

2.3 The Mediterranean diet guidelines 2.4 The Mediterranean Diet in Practice

2.5 Are there any downsides to the Mediterranean diet?

2.6 Removing free sugars from your diet

2.7 Replacing "fast" carbs with "slow" carbs


3.   Planning and tracking your diet

3.1 So what is a calorie?

3.2 How excess calories become stored as fat

3.3 Are all calories equal when it comes to creating stored fat?

3.4 Food combinations and fat storage

3.5 The energy balance equation to plan your weight loss

3.6 The relationship between fat, calories consumed, and weight loss

3.7 My food intake and weight loss figures over six months


4.   Cholesterol – the good and the bad


5.   Blood sugar and pre-diabetes


6.   The importance of a healthy microbiome

6.1  Making your own yogurt and kefir

6.2 “Five a day” and fibre intake


7.    Exercise

7.1  Calorie restriction or exercise for weight loss?

7.2  Recommended levels of regular exercise each week

7.3  Reversing risk of heart disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle

7.4  Muscles do burn energy at rest, just not very much!

7.5  Fast exercise


8.    Body fat measurements

8.1  Body Mass Index

8.2  Waist to Height ratio

8.3  Waist to Hip ratio

8.4  Measuring your body fat in practice

8.5  My body fat changes after six months on the 5:2 + Mediterranean Diet


9.    The UK Government’s Dietary Recommendations

9.1  The protein intake conundrum

9.2  How to convert macro nutrient weight to kcals.

9.3  The Eatwell Guide


10.  Recommended Books


11.   Conclusion

11.1 A summary of the changes I made

11.2  … and these were my outcomes


12.   Update - one year on


13.   Waist to height ratio (WHtR)

13.1 Years of Life Lost as a result of central obesity


14. "Somatotype" body shapes


15. "Vitamin Pills - Miracle or Myth?"


16.   No safe level for alcohol!


17.   Aerobic capacity : VO2 Max


18.   Aerobic and anaerobic energy sources

18.1 Cardio exercise versus resistance training